9 Reasons the Government Needs to Regulate Cannabis

If you are in the cannabis industry, or are just into cannabis, you have most likely been following the many changes in cannabis legislation across the world. With the industry expanding rapidly, there has been a divide between those who want to see regulation and those who are afraid of giving over any control of their precious plants to the state. While it can seem enfuriating to have a government come in and control any part of your life, I would like to show you nine really important reasons why the government NEEDS to regulate cannabis. 

1. Safety 

When you do not regulate an industry, you leave a lot of room for error. With the industry ready to burst at the seems, new products are coming out every day that claim they are safe for consumption. We all know trough many studies that cannabis itself is safe to use and will not result in any life threatening experiences. This does not however, assure you that what you are consuming is safe and free of other harmful agents. Las Vegas is now the first state to start testing cannabis products for mold, pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

2. Consistency 

When you go to buy a Coca-Cola anywhere in the world, you can rely on the fact that you will know what it will taste like. Brands use consistency to keep customers satisfied and safe. When a product is able to produce itself the same way every time it can grow a more trusted base of consumers and assure consumer safety and expectancy. If you regulate the cannabis industry you will be able to control and monitor the consistency of brands and products.

3. Concentration

Now that cannabis is being concentrated and used in higher doses, it is extremely important that consumers know exactly how much they are using. By controlling the level of concentration in cannabis products, we can make sure that the correct dosage is being given to the correct consumers. 

4. Packaging 

There are currently no federal regulations on how cannabis products should be correctly packaged or labeled. It is extremely important, especially for food grade products, that the consumer is aware of what is in the contense of their package and that the package itself has kept the contense safe and secure. It is also important to create packaging that allows patients with disabilities easy access to medicine while securely keeping products away from children. If we regulate cannabis packaging we can insure the product stays safe and gets to the right hands.

5. Taxes and Income 

In the United States citizens who own legal cannabis related business are still paying taxes on a state and federal level without federal legalization or regulation. They can still have all of their assets seized even as law abaiding citizens. On the other hand, in countries like Spain, there is a large grey area and nothing is regulated. Over 250 clubs exist in Barcelona alone and the government does not collect tax revenue from any of them. States like Colorado have used the legalization of cannabis to end financial crisis. 

6. Synthetics

Because the government has taken so long to legalize and regulate the cannabis industry, synthetic cannabis has entered the market. Synthetic cannabinoids are a class of chemicals that bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body, but that are different from the natural cannabinoids in cannabis plants. These harmful chemicals can cause sickness and even death in those who consume it. By regulating cannabis we can make sure that patients do not feel desperate or tempted to use harmful products and identify the difference between the two. 

 7. Incarceration Rates 


Because cannabis is not regulated by the government, many are being imprissoned for non-violent crime that will soon not be considered a crime at all. Someone in the cannabis industry is confined to different sets of rules across every state and county and no set of rules from the federal government. This makes it nearly impossible to follow the law and results in overflowing prisons. 

8. Accelerated Advancements 

When an industry is being properly regulated, those involved have clear lines in which to operate. When those lines are clear it makes it possible for new avenues to open up within this direction. Fear of incarceration makes an industry move slowly. There are many out there waiting for treatment and cures that could be created through clear regulation of cannabis and the labs that use them. 

9. Because its their D@MN Job!

This one really doesn’t need much more explaining. It is the governments job to regulate just about everything else in our lives. The fact that I have to write this article in the first place is ridiculous.