9 Things to Know About Spannabis

1. What is Spannabis 

Spannabis 2018 NEUTRALIZER Cannabis cup vapor boutique kloud9

Spannabis is a three-day annual event. Spannabis not only celebrates the industry but recognizes the best of the best in the cannabis industry with two speciality awards. “The Spannabis Champions Cup” goes to professional growers taking place during the 1st day of the show at The Spannabis Auditorium. There are awards given for categories such as best Sativa, best CBD, and cleanest sample….

2. Where is Spannabis 

Barcelona spannabis cannabis cup vapor Kloud9 Neutralizer

Spannabis held its 15th edition the 9th, 10th and 11th of March 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. The Fira de Cornellà is the home of this year’s Spannabis celebration. The venue was chosen due to its easy accessibility for cannabis fans traveling to join the festivities.

3. Who is at Spannabis 

Spannabis Cannabis Cup Barcelona industry vapor boutique brands vape pen

Spannabis attracts enormous numbers, making it a wonderland for everything cannabis. Last years show drew more than 3,000 registered professionals under one roof, filling their 17,000m2 tradeshow floor. There were 200 stands full of exhibitors showing off their latest strains, cannabis innovations and new technologies to over 30,000 visitors.

Your typical Spannabis stands are about horticulture, cultivation, cannabis, hemp, and marijuana. Last year, Spannabis visitors also got a peek at the wave of new vape technology by experts happily demonstrating their latest advances.

4. What is Available at Spannabis 

Spannabis Cannabis Cup Barcelona trim king vape pen wax

 You are allowed to Shop at Spannabis and many go to get great deals on tons of products you cannot find in stores or online.  This year Kloud9 featured an ever popular goodie bag loaded with tons of smoking accessories for only 5€. 

5. The Latest in Cannabis Chemistry

 Cannabis Spannabis terpenes terpenoids Judas Iscariote Juice aromatherapy

Terepenes were a shining star at Spannabis 2018. Many new brands offering terpene products were released this year. Our favorite line of terpenes were specially developed by Judas Iscariote and feature aromas from the finest strains of Cannabis. His pure Cannabis Essence is available on Kloud9. You can read up on the many ways to use terpenes here. 

6. Award Winners 

the Neutralizer Spannabis 2018 Cannabis Cup Barcelona terpenes

Another Terpene technology product turned major heads this year at Spannabis. The Neutralizer won product of the year with its amazing ability to eliminate cannabis aroma with terpene diffusion. They made it on our list of 9 Ways to Stay on the Down Low. Get yours today and keep your neighbors happy. 

7. Comfortable Trimming Advances 

Trimming trim king harvest more trim bin cultivating

The Trim King was a huge hit this year at Spannabis. Cultivators were lining up to get their hands on this new comfortable way to collect seeds and pollen. Never before has a bin existed that allowed your arms to relax gently into your trimming area. The signature 150 micron mesh creates loads of amazing kief saving you time, money and product. 


8. Music and Munchies

 Music Spannabis performance cannabis cup

Spannabis holds over a Dozen musical performances over the weekend on a killer stage. The exterior is also filled with amazing munchies from around the world. There are many vegan options and traditional Spanish dishes. View the full list of performances here.  

9. Global Connections an Family

Spannabis concentrates vapor shop dabadoo dabs Global Cannabis

Spannabis is a truly magical place where the leading edge in the industry gather together to share their best with others. If you are someone who is in the cannabis industry or looking to be, Spannabis is a must see.