9 Ways to Keep your Flowers Fresh

If you truely love to smoke, you invest in your strains. You don’t spend all that time, effort and money just to dump your flowers into a sandwich bag and call it a day. Great cannabis deserves to live in a proper environment. When you are storing your cannabis correctly its flavor and therapeutic effects will stay stronger longer and you will reduce the possiblility of it getting moldy or dry. You should treat your cannabis like your fine wine and cigars. Here are nine ways to keep your flowers fresh. 

1. Hydrostone

The Hydrostone is a piece of clay that has been used for many years to keep tobacco and other herbs moist. Simply soak the stone in water for a few minutes, let it dry and then place inside your bud. This amazing stone can also bring dry flowers back to life. 

2. Glass Jars

It is always very important to keep your bud contained and not left out in the air to dry. Keeping the flower with glass and cork, as aposed to plastic, is always healthier for the plant. It will not absorb any of the chemical compounds from glass which can happen with cheap plastic bags. DNA Glass Jars has a set of three so you can keep your strains separated. 

3. Bovida 

Boveda is a game changer in the cannabis industry. The company first started out creating humidity control packs for food, storage and medical supplies. They are now catering to the medical cannabis industry and have created this 2–way humidity control pack. The pack is designed to keep its container at the appropriate humidity for the preservation of tricomes. The cannabis will not mold or dry, now making it possible to preserve cannabis and age it like wine or cigars. Many are finding that their flowers taste better after aging them in glass for a short period of time. The life of a Boveda depends on how often its container is opened. The tiny technology is always regulating its humidity. You can use the same pack for years! 

4. 00 Box 

The 00 Box is an amazing way to cure and store your bud. I love when I walk into a club and they pull out this amazing cedar beauty to show me their options. It makes me assured that the flower has been in great care. Cedar is the best wood to refine and cure herb. Cedar is slightly porous and gives the flower a pleasant odor. This smell does not alter the taste, it improves the organoleptic qualities of cannabis once it is dry.

00Box has a sieve of 136 microns at the bottom that filters the mature trichomes (resin glands) that are detached from the plant without letting the vegetable remains pass through. This is how you get the best hash in the world.

This hash is recovered in a drawer that is located at the bottom of the 00box.

To prevent the grass from drying too much, 00Box has a built-in hygrometer inside it to control humidity and a humidifier that allows you to increase it by wetting the sponge inside. This same sponge absorbs if the herb is very wet.

5. FUM Electronic Humidor Celar


FUM is for the cannabis lover who has everything. This amazing system took storing and curing your products to the next level. The humidity controlled wooden boxes keep flowers in the perfect environment. The refriderated compression system ensures that terpenes from the cannabis are kept in the plant and not evaporated into the air. The Kloud 9 office uses one to store our Judas Iscariote Terpenes.


6. PTFE Papers

Ptfe paper smoke box kloud 9 smoke clean

PTFE paper plays a huge role in keeping your concentrates strong and healthy. This paper does not allow the terpenes from the cannabais to evaporate. When you are carrying around your personal stash of concentrates it is best to keep them either in pure PTFE paper or parchment covered with PTFE. There are two great options by Kloud9 and Smoke-Box.com. This paper should then be carried in a second secure container to ensure nothing leaks and air does not destroy the potency. 

7. Joint Tubes

Joint tubes keep your cannabis fresh kloud 9 smokebox

We all know it is hard to roll when you are on the go. It is can get very messy and smelly quickly. That is why many of us pre-roll joints before heading out. It can be difficult to keep your cannabis fresh once it has been ground up. I find it very helpful to keep my joints inside of these amazing black tubes. There are many joint holders on the market but most of them are made out of cheap toxic plastics that can seep into your cannabis. They also melt when a half smoked J is thrown back in to conceal smell. With these amazing Smoke-Box Tubes you can take your pre-rolls anywhere with no smell, melting or cheap plastic involved.

8. Citrus Peel 

Citrus how to keep cannabis fresh cloud nine clay stone humidity

This is a trick my old roommate taught me. Once we bought a big old bag of dry shake off of our dealer thinking we had hit the jackpot. It was so dry it was hardly bareable to smoke. She quickly ran into the kitchen and peeled an orange. She stuck the Rhine inside of the bag and let it sit for a few hours. Once we continued to smoke the cannabais was flavored with the oils from the citrus and tasted beautiful and perfectly moist. The porus nature of the skin worked to control the humidity in the bag. This trick only works if you have a strain that combinies with a citrus flavor. 

9. Smoke it While You Got It! 

Smoke it while you got it how to keep cannabis fresh hydrostone

There is no better way to make sure your cannabis is consumed freshly than by just smoking it girl! Don’t buy products just to look at them on the shelf. When you are buying a product think about when you would like to consume it and how long it will take you to consume the dosage. The longer something sits, the more time it has to age and evaporate. If I had a time machine it would be on this list, but for now I will just spark this!