9 Ways to Use Terpenoids

Terpenes or terpenoids are volatile organic compounds that are found in every plant and are very prevalent in cannabis. Terpenes are what make each cannabis strain its unique smell and taste. Terpenes work synergistically with cannabinoids and contribute to the medical benefits of the cannabis plant. Everyone knows that different strains produced results effects and this is in part due to different terpene profiles. For example, even if 2 strains have the same cannabinoid content (THC, CBD, etc.), they often have different medical benefits and overall effects. You can learn more about terpenes at terpene.info

Our Favorite Terpenes 

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Ways to Use Terpenes 

1. Aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy terpenes terpenoids how to use aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to heal the body and mind. That is why so many find the smell of cannabis so appealing. Add terpenes to candles or in an oil diffuser to fill your space with a beautiful scent without the smell of burning flower. Use different combinations to induce an energizing or relaxing effect. 


2. Pipe Water 

Pipe water terpenes 710 Daily dabber how to Terpenes

Add a drop of terpenes to your bong or water pipe to add loads of flavor to your smoking experience. Make sure to use a small amount and that no residue is contaminating your glass. We recommend Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner for a natural cleanse before your terpene journey.


3. Cocktails

Mixologist mixology champagne cannabis cocktails terpenes

Judas Juice adds a drop to his champagne. Top mixologist from around the world have started to use terpenes to add flavor to their signature cocktails.


4.  Massage Oil 

 Massage Oils terpenes relaxation aromatherapy how to 710

Add a drop of terpenes to your favorite oil base and enhance the healing effects of your massage. Massages release built up energy in your muscles. When you combine the healing effects of massage and terpenes the results are tremendous. I personally love Thai Body Healing as my form of massage. 


5. Concentrates 

Concentrates terpenes how to bring your dabs up top shelf

Add a drop of terpenes to your cannabis concentrates to introduce new flavor into your vapor. We keep everything we dab clean with Buddies. He adds lots of sunshine to our life with our clean glass. 


6. Joints 

Joints microdosing terpenes Kloud9 vapor smoking luxury

Add a micro dose to the end of your filters and bring flavor to your joints. If you are a joint enthusiast who craves powerful flavor, this option can enhance any smoke session. Make sure to dose the filters on the end touching the cannabis, not your lips. We recommend SMOKE -BOX filters and unbleached papers for a clean smoke every time. 


7. Baking and Cooking 

Baking with terpenes how to cannabis oils CBD

Add a drop of terpenes to your pastry toppings for some exciting sweetness. I love to pair coffee and chocolate with a beautiful blueberry edible. 


8. CBD Enhancements 

CBD Enhancements make your weed taste better terpenes Add more flavor to your CBD products by adding a drop of terpenes. CBD has been known to lack flavor at times. Bring back the flavor without the head high. 


9. Basic Buds 

Enhance your cannabis with terpenes concentrates microdose

If you end up with buds that don’t make you happy,make lemonade. You can enhance basic buds by adding a drop of terpenes. Personal use of terpene enhancement is fine, but using them to fool others into believing basic buds are fire is a big no-no in any community.