Cannabis and Romance. Can Weed Help Your Sex Life? Medical Marijuana in the Bedroom

While cannabis is not an instant cure for all of your problems, the list of medicinal uses grows longer every day. We know cannabis can do physical wonders but can it also improve our relationships?



There is no way to get into this subject without getting personal. I have suffered from extreme anxiety since I was a child. It was effecting every aspect of my life including my relationships. I found it hard to relax when trying to get to know someone one. It would even effect my ability to experience pleasure. When medicating with prescription pills I lost interest in romance all together. It was hard for me to stay in the relationship I knew I wanted. 

I finally started medicating with marijuana and like many it turned my life around. I was able to relax. I found it easier to open up to others and not become easily upset. I was in control of my emotions and felt free to communicate. On top of that I was finally able to create an extremely satisfying sex life for myself.  


I asked a trusted male friend to give me a male smokers perspective on how cannabis effects his relationships. This is what he had to say 

“ Smoking and romance is a story as old as time. Even in the old films when you see someone lighting a cigarette in that slow sexy way, the cloud of smoke creates a mystical heir surrounding the smoker. The reality, however, is that those are cigarettes. What I’m talking about is smoking herb. Smoking green is much sexier, not to mention a million times healthier for you than a cigarette. The cliche in most films is that by the end of the love making scene the couple lights a cigarette. I prefer to cut out the nicotine entirely and just a roll a joint before I go into romance mode. Personally smoking weed with my partner helps us relax, gets us a little horny, and there is nothing sexier than watching her smoke. The hand gestures and the lips with smoke billowing out are enough to insinuate what is about to happen next. I find that woman who smoke a joint with me are more inclined to feel relaxed and less pressured. Sex should be fun, mutually respectful, and consensual. I think Marijuana helps break down barriers and creates dialogue and intimacy through different forms of communication and connectivity. Having sex is like transferring energy, I know that by smoking I’m allowing myself and my partner to feel comfort and good energy which allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable orgasm for the both of us. Multiple times. 🙃” 


Now we are going to get even more intimate. The lovely and infamous Judas Iscariote has developed my favorite product on the planet. María Magdalena is a coconut based lubricant that is infused with medical cannabis. Yes, you heard me correct. You can now get your vagina high! Tears of joy are welcome here ladies. I have read up on the benefits of medicating your lady parts but I had never been presented with the chance myself.

The product is said to enhance a woman’s pleasure and aid her in having multiple orgasms. To be honest, just smoking gives me the ability to relax enough to climb that mountain more than once but I’m never apposed to more! Make sure you are fresh and clean and apply the product on your feminine area and feel the effects in about 10-15 minutes. You will start to feel a tingling sensation all throughout all your sexual organs. Every woman orgasms differently, so the only thing I can assure you of is this orgasm will defiantly be different 😘

Not only does this product enhance pleasure but it also relieves pain. Us ladies know that sex can sometimes get painful, even when we are feeling it. Besides the obvious benefits of lubricant, the cannabis concentrates act as an anti-inflammatory, relieving any pain you may have due to sex or cramps. That’s right, I SAID CRAMPS. Many women suffer from an array of disorders and diseases that cause pain in their sexual organs and extreme menstral pain. I am one of those women. I have a birth defect and I am a mother who had a C-section. Both cause me to endure extreme pain through many stages of my cycle, not just my period. When I first used this product I had been experiencing pain and discomfort for about a week and a half. I used cannabis to relax and feel a bit better but nothing ever totally relieved me.

One dose of this had me feeling AMAZING. Not only did all of my sexual organs stop cramping and sending my brain pain signals, but they actually felt good and relaxed! My root chakra is very happy. And let’s be honest, not being a total rude bitch because you are dying from cramps will help any relationship. 


While purchasing this lubricant is only available in selected legal retailers, there are many more gifts you can use to keep your cannabis lover happy this Valentine’s Day. Try a sexy black Smoke Box available in our Kloud9 Luxury Boutique. It’s filled with endless goodies to ensure you have a perfect and pleasurable experience every time you smoke. If you have a hard working smoker in your life try the Nimbus 9000 to give them a way to smoke discretely on the go. Kloud9 offers an array of lifesaving luxury smoking accessories. Anyone who medicates will know you were truly thinking about them when you give them their perfect pot head present.