Top 9 Artists who use Montana Cans. Best of YouTube

Nothing is better than watching a dirty old wall transform into a work of art.It all starts with a few sweeps and lines. The next thing you know, huge mountains of color start to appear. Shapes start to form, colors blend, lines push and pull. When you integrate a company like Montana Cans into this equation the results are outstanding. Montana Cans creates so many custom lines of unique colors and tones. It’s obvious when an artist invests in their material.

 1-2. CASE & WOW

CASE MCLAIM & WOW 123 painting in Heidelberg, Hometown of MONTANA-CANS. Not far from MONTANA-CANS Headquarters this beautiful mural was created for the annual  Metropolink festival. Painted with Montana GOLD and BLACK. The blend of their two unique styles gives this mural a distinct and original vibe. WOW's signature Klee-like blocks of color interact with CASE's infamous photo-realism. 


VYAL ONE is a L.A. native with the colorful style to show for it. His sharp edges and hard lines cut in and out of dream clouds and whispers of yellow. His fantasy street style has made him a hometown favorite and puts him on our list with this amazing piece using MONTANA -CANS transparent paint. 


 Gris is a Colombian native who brought a new world of color into our beloved Barcelona. He teamed up with the MONTANA-CANS factory here in BCN to show off his geometric and bright flow along the shores of the city.  His discipline to the details combined with his creative freedom creates a truly beautiful work of art. 


RIME's unapologetic graphic style is a fine example of the power of color and shape pushed to the limit. This wild man has thrown up some of my favorite pieces across the internet. Listen to him describe his attitude towards art and get ready to feel the freedom of his work. 


If you have Inti, Jaz and Saner visiting your city (due to the expo "Barroco Mestizo"), you can not miss the opportunity to make a video about these three well known personalities of urban art. We get to see them create in the three different spaces which represents the types of locations where all three artists usually go to work in, and this brief documentary of Inti, Jaz and Saner manages to conquer us in the same way they did in Montana Gallery Barcelona a few weeks ago. A close-up and personal, but at the same type wide view of these three titans of Latin American urban art.

9. Aaronetti

Here at the Kloud9 boutique we love art. We invited one of our favorite artists Aaronetti to show off his pointillist and lettering skills on a three panel mural. Watch the time-lapse of how we like to "UNFUCK" ourselves here at Kloud9!