Top 9 Cannabis Fiendly Places in the World

If you are a smoker who travels or just a cannabis user who is looking to find a place to blaze in peace, we made this list for you. The social acceptance and legality of cannabis is different all over the world. Some places are open and friendly, some have no tolerance and others remain in a grey area. Here are the top 9 Cannabis friendly places in the world. 

1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona cannabis friendly cities vapor wax medical

Barcelona is at the top of our list because of the cutting edge way it gets cannabis to its consumers. There are over 250 Cannabis Associations in the Barcelona area. Here members can not only dispense, but consume their cannabis in the association. The idea is that cannabis never has to leave the association. Members smoke without bothering anyone on the outside and do not need to bring their products into the street. One of the struggles in Barcelona is the lack of regulations and laws set for associations. There is still no legal way to transport cannabis from a legal grow to a legal dispensary. 

2. Los Angeles, California 


Los Angeles has been infamous for its cannabis for decades. Now that recreational cannabis is legal through the entire state, it now has the largest open cannabis market in the world. Anyone from anywhere is welcome to visit and purchase from a dispensary. The one thing California doesn’t have is the association culture of Barcelona. In the United States consumers may only dispense and have no private place to consume. 

3. Portland, Oregon 

Portland has always been known for been free spirited and on the leading edge of social reform. With over 130 dispensaries in the city you can see how it made it so high on our list. The beautiful scenery and funky flavorful lifestyle makes it a really fun place to light up. The entire state has legalized medical cannabis. Not every city has open dispensaries but the number continues to grow each year. 

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has been the best known destination for a smokers paradise for decades but it has dropped down on our list because of many recent changes. You can still access coffee shops just like Barcelona but the grey area in the law is causing a large threat to the industry. The issues are the same in Barcelona. The difference lies in the motivation of the government. Cannabis is legal for personal use but you may only have up to 5 grams on you at a time.

5. Vancouver, British Columbia  


Many say that Vancouver is on the verge of becoming what Amsterdam once was. While cannabis is still legal on a federal level, Canada aims to legalize recreational cannabis by this July. In downtown Vancouver you can find a farmers market loaded with medicated goods known to locals as “Craft Cannabis.” There are coffee shops but you are currently only allowed to vape your cannabis there. 

6. Copenhagen, Denmark 

Copenhagen is home to one of the most interesting cannabis markets in the world. While all drugs are still illegal to posess in Denmark, there is no laws against consuming them. A unique community of cannabis cultivators opened a small area in Copenhagen called “Free Christiana” where producers distributed and the law turned a blind eye. Copenhagen passed its own law in 2011 making recreational cannabis legal in the city. 

 7. Las Vegas, Nevada 

Nevada was one of the first states to legalize medicinal cannabis in 2000. The state was unable to grow its industry for 13 years because it was still illegal to cultivate and dispense. Patients were allowed to grow up to 12 personal plants in their home at a time and that was the only way. Now Nevada is moving forward strong but is still not legal for recreational use. The reason it make its way on our list is how seriously the state takes its plants. They have the strictest testing requirements in the country. They are testing for 22 different pesticides, heavy metals, the presence of mold or bacteria, moisture content and a whole bunch of other things that no one else in the country is testing for. 

 8. Montevideo, Uruguay 

Uruguay was one of the first places in the world to legalize Cannabis. 
Citizens and registered residents living here for at least two years are able to buy up to 40g of cannabis per month from the pharmacy. The catch is you must be in the country for at least two years before you can dispense. Visitors are unable to dispense but they are allowed to receive cannabis as a gift. 

9. Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Michigan legalized medical cannabis in 2004 and has recently opened 18 legal dispensaries. They are now pushing to legalize recreational cannabis in 2018. Michigan was one of the first states to recognize the health benifits of medical cannabis in 1967, opening up research on the products in 1990. They are now one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.