Shoeuzi - Guns N Butter
Shoeuzi - Guns N Butter
Shoeuzi - Guns N Butter
Shoeuzi - Guns N Butter
Shoeuzi - Guns N Butter
Shoeuzi - Guns N Butter
Shoeuzi - Guns N Butter

Shoeuzi - Guns N Butter

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Shoeuzi by J.LDN are astounding mixes between sneakers and uzi guns. 

J.LDN offers one of the best products in the world for sneakers collectors and Art Toys and sculpture fans and that’s one of the keys to his success. 


Shoeuzi Kaneda Toys

The UK artist residing in Stockholm, Sweden, captures the best known details and colors of the most exclusive footwear on hand casted and painted resin uzi guns. A perfect artisan work full of luxury elements in an accurate process.

His work mirrors relationships between cultures and objects, which draws often emotional and thought-provoking reactions from the viewers. Focusing on street and pop culture J.LDN currently uses resin and ceramic to bring his 2D designs to life.

Shoeuzi is a product for hypebeasts and for good quality figures lovers that makes every edition sell out quickly.

The figures

Each Shoeuzi comes in a stylish box well protected. 

The newest versions have magnetic unions that help with the shipment, a pair of gloves and a display to show off your gun.

From the open edition of the AIR UZI to runs of 50 figures for the Inferior Uzi, exclusivity comes on scale 75% (185 mm) or 100%.

Shoeuzi No Future
No Future

Shoeuzi Human
Human v2

Shoeuzi Nice Day Air Max
Nice Day  Nike Air Max 97

Editions and Collaborations

What started with street wear shoes representations has become now on crazy versions based on artists like KAWS or the newest collaborations with huge artists like Ermsy, Fanakapan or Bryce Wong.


Shoeuzi We are not friends BFF  KAWS


We are not friends based on the BFF by KAWS 

Shoeuzi Outside in Ermsy

Outside In with Ermsy

Shoeuzi Bryce Wong Fanakapan

Warped Uzi with Bryce Wong
My Uzi Weighs a Ton with Fanakapan 

The Shoeuzi project is a visual representation of high and commercial brands saturation into street culture. Creating an unstable relationship between money and desire.

These art pieces, not toys, are not functioning firearms and the only way to hurt someone with a Shoeuzi is to throw it at them. No copyright infringement intended, it’s art! 

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