Zane Kesey - Homer Night

Zane Kesey - Homer Night

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Zane Kesey is the son of an infamous psychedelic icon and author Ken Kesey. He currently owns and operates Key-Z Productions, a small mail-order company out of Pleasant Hill Oregon. His hope is to enlighten people of their psychedelic past and to enable them to learn about the people who brought them to the present.

These blotter artworks were inspired by the 900 dose sheets of LSD sold illegally (due to certain additives). Each sheet shows spectacular artwork with perforations just like you would find on the street, but without having been dipped in acid.

ACID-FREE PAPER - No LSD is present on the artwork, (but you may still eat it if you like).
Each blotter art sheet is 7.5 x 7.5 inches and is professionally printed/perforated into 900 1/4 inch square "hits" or "tabs".